Forget complex, find a thick head of hair !
If people fully assume their balding or already installed, others, however, live the hair falls like a real pain, real malaise and create deep frustration. Hair problems of all kinds are a source of complex for many men and women and has been forever. Already in antiquity, Julius Caesar had passed a law by the Senate, which was intended to allow him to always wear his laurel wreath to hide his baldness . Several surveys have shown that the vast majority of people suffering from hair loss was living it with pain, and would be delighted with the arrival of a new product correcting it. Révol'Hair is the answer to these inconveniences , so do not let your hair dictate the insurance in you : carry it with you.
Do not miss the signature of a major contract because of a weakness in your physical appearance.
The Révol'Hair powder is composed of the best microfibers. With a size of 0.5 mm , they consist of cotton yarn, artificial fibers and iron oxydes . The fibers constituting this powder are previously loaded with static electricity. Thus, the adhesion between the product and the hair is maximum. The density and quality of hair created by Révol'Hair powder also is the presence of natural products , which will make Révol'Hair a simple, efficient and healthy.